Japanese Hinoki Aroma Nugget Block

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For anyone who has looked at one of those little trees hanging from a rearview mirror and thought: I like the idea of tree smell in my car/house/closet etc, but I wish it smelled like a REAL tree...here you go. Carved from naturally antibacterial and hydrophobic Japanese Cypress (a.k.a. hinoki) wood that is especially high in natural oil content, hinoki's rich aroma keeps things feeling and smelling delightfully woodsy and therapeutically fresh and clean. Ideal for tucking in a drawer, linen closet, musty car, or anywhere else that could benefit from a major dose of fresh. When placed in the bath, the block releases aromatics for a rejuvenating hinoki-infused soak reminiscent of sacred Japanese hot sprints. 3.3" x 1.7" x .78"

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