Japanese Hemp Palm Hand Broom with Wooden Handle

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Shuro Houki, or "hemp palm brooms" are traditional Japanese sweepers that have been in use for hundreds of years. Made from the fine, firm, flexible fibers of the Japanese Hemp-Palm tree, these sturdy, stunning brushes are exactly the kind of lovely workhorses we love so dearly. Hand-bundled and wrapped with copper wire, with a sweet wooden handle threaded with a woven hanging loop, this sturdy friend's soft, flexible bristles make quick work of large and small messes alike. The brilliant closeness of the bristles (e.g. the open weave of the body and the wispy ends) that makes it perfect for sweeping small particulate like wood ash or bread flour is, ingeniously, just how the Hemp Palm fiber grows. It's also an ideal little helper broom for cleanly-minded little ones.

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