Japanese Fin Whale Knife

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The first-ever iconic Japanese Kujira knife was forged by blacksmith Toru Yamashita. He was inspired to create a beautiful, functional knife that would be keen enough for sharpening pencils (and other knifely duties) but still safe for a child to use. His initial design consisted of a long, slender, easy-to-grasp handle, a staggered blade placed back from the end, a knuckle guard to keep little fingers clear of the cutting edge, and a blunt nose for safety. With its large, rounded head, tapered handle tail, flipper-shaped knuckle guard, and baleen-looking blade, the beautiful knife was the spitting image of a sperm whale. Kujira knives-Japanese for "Whale"-became so popular and beloved that a whole pod of beautifully rendered, mammalian-inspired cutting blades soon followed suit.

The Fin Whale Knife is made of incredibly durable Shiroko High-Carbon White Steel and the double-edged blade is seriously sharp. We keep this pointy-nosed little friend to hand for opening packages and envelopes, but it is strong and subtle enough to cut pretty much whatever needs cutting. And, of course, it sharpens a mean pencil.

6 1/4" x 1 1/2" x 1/8"

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