Swedish Lovisa Oiled Oak Double-Sided Nail Brush

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Hardworking hands? Hardworking brush. Whether you've been tackling stubborn weeds in the garden, cleaning paint out of brushes, picking lobsters, or baking bread (just to name a few of our favorite activities that always seem to leave us with a rim of grime under our fingernails), this lovely little workhorse is the perfect solution. Individually hand-crafted in Sweden from natural tampico fibers and oil-treated oak, this perfectly sized hand-held brush is the gift we give our hardworking hands, every day. The soft brush on the bottom gently cleans nail beds and hands, while the ruff of short, stiff bristles up top effectively gets any grime out from under fingernails.

Note: for those especially prone to poison ivy and oak, this brush is absolutely ideal for washing hands and arms with a little anti-urushiol soap after possible exposure. We keep two of these brushes near the sink, one for the usual grit of life and one dedicated to this purpose. Prevention!

Take Care: With a bit of easy maintenance, this brush can last for years. Clean the bristles with plain water or the soap of your choosing, shake out excess water, and allow brush to dry with the bristles down. Occasionally oil the wood with your preferred wood conditioner (we swear by Old Mill's All Natural Beeswax and Mineral Oil Wood Polish, available right here at The Foundry), being sure to allow enough time for the wood to absorb the oil before its next use.

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