Swedish Lacquered Pepper Mill - White

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Fresh ground pepper? Yes, please! When spices are dried and kept whole, their essences, the essential oils that carry their flavors and freshness, are preserved, ready to be released upon grinding as needed. And, while we love the French waiter's commitment to those huge old wood and brass pepper mills, we swear by this sleek and streamlined number. Hand-made in Sweden from pale, laquered beech wood and a high-tech non-reactive ceramic burr grinding gear, this spice mill is perfect for table or countertop. Note: While the obvious choice is to fill this graceful mill with whole peppercorns, it also works wonderfully as a grinder for whole spices, large grain salts, and dried herbs of all sorts. We know one daal lover who keeps his stocked with whole cumin seeds. Variety? The spice of life.
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