Set of Three Swedish Soaps - Carrot/Almond/Apricot

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We love a good bar of soap. With easy, rich, moisturizing lather, all-natural ingredients, and a super clean rinse, these are very good bars of soap. Hand-made in small batches in Sweden, these natural, preservative and paraben-free vegetable soaps are perfectly versatile as all purpose hand or body cleansers. The Apricot soap is studded with exfoliating apricot kernels and infused with rich, woodsy patchouli oil. The Almond soap is loaded with gently scrubbing wheat bran and Vitamin E rich almond oil. The Carrot soap features deeply moisturizing and skin-fortifying carrot oil. Three delicious soaps in a (ahem, perfectly giftable) cotton drawstring bag. Brilliant.
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