How to Wash the Dishes Book by Peter Miller

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As celebrants of elevating the everyday, we have lots of thoughts about washing dishes- including but not limited to what are the best tools for the job. Depending on the time of day or life and the makeup of your precious human brain and body, dish washing can be a necessary task, a burden, a delight, an assignment, or a calling. This delightfully elegant meditation on the most mundane (and perhaps most maligned) activity beautifully illuminates the routine. Despite its din and clatter, and despite its reputation, washing the dishes is the coda to the meal. It is a bustling musical of water and soap, of flow and surface, and done well, the fragile shall sit as proudly as the freshly oiled cast iron. A must read for lovers of ritual and thoughtfulness and a marvelous gift for those who always opt to be at the sink (or perhaps a gentle wink to those who do not).

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