Hemp Fitted Sheet - Queen - 62 x 78" - White Limestone

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Lovingly and thoughtfully made by hand in France, this exquisite, hand-crafted hemp bedding pairs all of the magical cool-sleeping, long-lasting, airy-light, supremely-soft benefits of iconic linen sheeting with an ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. Requiring no irrigation, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMO seeds, hemp is also a phytoremediation plant, restoring balance to environments by cleaning the soil, air, and water and preventing erosion. If all that weren't enough, these feel truly incredible, withstand infinite washings, and are simply staggering beautiful.

About the line: Born from a generations-deep love of French "fabrication", Couleur Chanvre has been a pioneering force in bringing iconic French textile production towards an exquisitely sustainable future. "Couleur Chanvre" means "Hemp Color" and these "linens" fit the bill. Colored using ingenious proprietary dyeing processes that excludes all toxic, irritant and allergenic products and endocrine disruptors (often found in traditional processing) and woven by a pioneering European-based hemp production collection methods, this sheeting is built to last for generations to come.

| Lillian 18-12-2021 16:15

Lillian owns + loves these things!
I've been sleeping on these for a few months and am in LOVE! These hemp sheets are beefy in the best way. They're soft and getting softer as they break in but thick in a way that makes me think I'll be sleeping on these until I retire :) The combo of weight and weave makes these good all-weather bedding. The duvet doesn't have a button or zipper closure but an extended flap so you can tuck it in at the end of the bed, European-style :)

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