Hem Stitch Linen Napkins - Set of 4 - Earth Black

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Woven from 100% European flax, these gorgeous linen napkins are as effortlessly refined as they are durable. We're not sure when the misinformation campaign against linen started but we're here to set the record straight. Linen is not fussy or high maintenance. It is not hard to care for or difficult to clean. It is beautiful and functional and looks better the more you use it. It is, quite frankly, totally awesome. Seriously strong and soft, washable and durable, super absorbent, and utterly beautiful, these linens are an absolute dream. Made to use, built to last, they just get better with age. Good news for 'ol Peanut Butter and Jelly fingers over here. 19 2/3" x 19 2/3"

Take Care: These linens are safe to take a tumble in the washer + dryer (and, in fact, will get softer and more absorbent with age). We recommend skipping the fabric softener as it can cause them to lose their absorbency. The more you know.

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