Hario Wood Coffee Grinder

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Pour over devotees or Aeropress addicts will gladly tell you that hand ground coffee is the best. And, while we all have our own opinions on the right way to brew the stuff (to each his own!), we must say that it only took one cup of rich, pure coffee made from beans ground in this handsome fella to agree that this is, indeed, the right way to grind it.

Unlike traditional blade grinders (which don't really "grind" the beans, they chop or smash them, often unevenly), this hand grinder is equipped with precisely calibrated ceramic burrs which yield a beautiful, uniform grind every time. No heat from friction means no bitterness, no unevenly sized chunks means no sourness, and the ability to change and set the aperture of the burrs means that the grind size is always just right for whatever method suits your fancy.

It's fun to use in a very "Farmer Boy" sort of way and it's totally portable, making it ideal for impromptu camping trips or romantic power outages. Filling the 40g hopper all the way makes the perfect amount of grounds for most methods but, as with all things coffee, crafting your own ritual is part of the joy.

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