Hardwood Maine Heritage Folding Cot - 84"L X 30"W X 18"H

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When we say "cot" you think: Simple. Sturdy. Classic. Portable. Foldable. Utilitarian. You'd be right. You might not also think: Stylish. Minimalist. Comfortable. Versatile. Streamlined. Sleek. Chic. Bohemian. Brilliant. But we think you probably should. While this beautiful, functional "Cot" makes a perfect porch napping bed (add one of our fluffy bedroll cushions, and dare we call it cozy?) or a slender seating solution for those of us who live in small spaces (think outside the sofa!), what we love the most about it is that it's a practical workhorse piece that actually embodies a sense of beautiful possibility. More people around the campfire? More dinners under the stars? More guests spending the night? More lazy days following the sun around the yard with a good book? More naps? More adventures? More slumber parties? More forts? More camping? More picnics? More make-believe? More wanderlust? Yes.

Sturdy. Weighs 24lbs and folds up pretty dang small: 9" x 5" x 43". Weight capacity of 375lbs. At 84" long x 30" wide this cot is 9" longer and 8" narrower than your standard twin sized bed (in our experience, plenty of room for one, but it'd be a tight spoon for two).

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