Handwoven Cotton Kitchen Towel - Off White with Navy, Red + Black Triple Stripe - 20 x 28 in

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Lovely, durable, super absorbent, and with a friendly hanging loop, these hand-spun, hand-woven, and hand-dyed kitchen towels are made in a small West African town known for their centuries-old indigo dyeing tradition. The gorgeous colors, ranging from subtle to saturated, interwoven throughout their designs are a celebration and continuation of the dyers and weavers knowledge base. These exquisitely functional towels combine so many of our favorite things: clean lines, gorgeous fabrics, exquisite construction, beautiful palettes, and promoting fair wages and a healthy, safe work environment that employs over 100 artisans. Beautiful and sustainable, the designs play nice with any style.

Take Care: 100% cotton, these are all clear for machine washing. Because of the all-natural indigo, we recommend washing them solo at first.

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