30 x 80" - Handwoven Cotton Cot Mattress with Kapok Filling - Off White + Black Skinny Stripe

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While this turns a classic, utilitarian cot (or floor!) into a luxurious slumber situation this gorgeous bedroll also packs up quite compactly, making it ideal for dreamy picnics, lazy afternoons lolling around on the floor with babe, layering on a daybed, and making room for unexpected houseguests alike. For reference, at 30" x 80" it's slightly longer and slenderer than a standard twin.

Made in a small town in the Republic of Guinea known for its centuries-old indigo dyeing tradition, these are completely hand-made in Africa from 100% hand-spun, hand-woven, and hand-dyed cotton, and stuffed with the super-soft, airy-light, hand-shelled fibers of the indigenous Kapok tree. These pieces combine so many of our favorite things: clean lines, gorgeous fabrics, exquisite construction, beautiful palettes, and promoting fair wages and a healthy, safe work environment that employs over 100 artisans. Beautiful and sustainable, the designs play nice with any style.

Take care: The all-natural Kapok fibers are naturally buoyant (they're actually used in old-fashioned life jackets) so these don't take kindly to the washing machine. Spot or dry clean as needed!

The princess + the kapok shell: Because it's entirely hand-processed, some small pieces of kapok shell remain in the airy-soft batting. They don't affect use or comfort (similar to hand-carded cotton quilting, any seeds can hardly be felt), but when you do encounter a tiny nubbin, that's what it is: proof humans made this.

Please note that due to the handmade nature of these items, sizes may vary an inch or two. It doesn't make them any less wonderful!

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