Handmade Italian Dressmaker Shears with 24 Karat Gold Handle - 8"

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When we were small our mothers had a pair of scissors exactly like this. Serious, perfectly weighted, attuned to hand and purpose. Her heavy duty dressmaker shears were "for fabric only" and they were the most exquisite, shiniest, and (my goodness) the sharpest things we had ever encountered. They were like a natural extension of her hand and as she worked on quilting or chiffon, corduroy or even waxed canvas, the fabric fell away from the blade effortlessly, billowing with purpose on the cutting board. Angela Liguori also learned at the feet of her mother, the rhythmic hum of her sewing machine underscoring the symphony of nesting pigeons along the dome of Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome. Made in Italy from hard-tempered steel serrated blades and a 24 karat gold plated handle, these supremely sharp beauties are an homage to doing things well and beautifully, just like mama. Our mother still has her shears. She will have them for a thousand years. It's time to get your own heirloom. 8"
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