Handmade Hemp Palm Fiber Cleaning Brush - Small

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This is the one. The thing that makes the green side of the old sponge quake in its single-use-petroleum-based-gnarly-old-scambled-egg-stuck-on-it-boots. A classic cleaning staple of Japanese kitchens, this hardy scrubber is made from super-sustainable palm fibers that can really bare down on the toughest baked-on grime and grit. Way tougher than the scrubbing side of a sponge but gentle enough to use on enameled dutch ovens or all-clads. The palm fibers are naturally hydrophobic, meaning that this doesn't harbor bacteria in the same way that a sponge does. We keep two on hand, one to be used with soap for lasagnes and gratin pans et. al. and the other exclusively soap-free for our cast irons. Think outside the sink: the scrubbing powers also extend to cleaning dirt off of root vegetables or for keeping the blade of our beloved hand-mattock mud free.

Take care: These are virtually indestructible and anti-bacterial, but, like their sponge counterparts they can get debris in them. You can boil them for a few minutes and then clean and fluff under running water with a fork to rejuvenate them. When/if they ever do need to be replaced, the fibers are compostable and the ring is (usually) recyclable or repurposeable.

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