Hand Forged Trivet with Handle for Bonfire - 13 3/4"

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Sturdy and stunning, this hand-forged matte iron "trivet" is made for cooking over open flame. Set the perfectly balanced iron legs directly in the coals and put your pot or pan of choice on top. The legs curve and meet under cookware to support and steady it. The place where they meet in the center is also perfect for setting a pepper to roast. The handle allows for maneuverability to the preferred heat location as the fire shifts or you're done for the night (take care, the handle can get hot!). As people who have irretrievably blackened enameled cast iron dutch ovens by setting them directly in the bonfire's coals to cook, we can't recommend this simple beauty enough. 13 3/4"

Let cool before handling. Naturally occurring patina won't effect usability, but for best results, bring inside or cover after use.

About the line: Exquisite hand-forged blades and tools, crafted and honed in a 100+ year old workshop in Solsona, Spain. The blades are made in the same manner than they have been for over 400 years, tempered with blessings to Saint Eligius, the patron saint of knife makers.

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