Hand Forged Spade with Steps - 40"

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Dig this. A gorgeous, classic, long-handled spade, this slender-bladed shovel really delivers. The narrow-ish blade is the perfect combination between tapered and round-point allowing precision maneuvers. Boot-protecting steps make it easy to dig deep, a shallow scoop makes it easy to lift out soil. An absolute necessity. Go forth and dig. 4"

About the line: There is a certain feeling to picking up a well-made tool. It is balanced and beautiful, natural and nuanced, potent and powerful. It is a deeply human feeling, the same one that the huntress feels for the sling, the poet feels for the pen, or the warrior for the sword. When acknowledged, it gives an almost mystical majesty to the most mundane tasks and it is that feeling which often makes a tool a "favorite". Sneeboer tools have it in...spades. Hand-forged in Holland from rust-resistant stainless steel with simple, beautiful hand-turned hardwood handles, these tools are as hardy as they are handsome. The 4th generation line also has a deep commitment to maximizing both aesthetic and functionality‰ÛÓwhich means classic tools get subtle, thoughtful updates or pared down their essential forms. Using this line of Dutch implements is as great a pleasure as watching a garden flourish.

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