Hand Blown Barattolo Storage Glass with Cork Top

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Eye of newt, toe of frog, lentils or pennies or treat of dog! A gorgeous ancien apothecary jar for devotees of Hippocrates and/or Demeter. The hand-blown nature makes each piece ever-so-slightly different, but these are ~7" x 5"

About the line: If these elegant, bohemian, 100% handblown glass pieces look like something you'd find in an effortlessly chic, airy garret apartment in the 7eme in Paris after waking up from a fabulous absinthe dream...it's because that's totally what they are. Founded by husband-and-wife team Sebastian and Valentina Nobile (he's a glassblower, she's an artist), La Soufflerie's everyday pieces are inspired by ancient Roman and Gallic silhouettes and made from recycled glass in their Paris-based workshop. "We are a group of artisans now," says Valentina. "We use ancien forms and techniques, we blow mainly sitting down using a clay oven, to make utilitarian everyday objects." Their beautiful, slightly asymmetrical pieces may look perfectly delicate, but, mon Dieu! They are dishwasher safe.

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