German Goat Hair Gentle Book Dusting Brush

Article number: P-3140
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Sure, we love the moment when the long-forgotten magical book gets pulled off the dusty back shelf in the shadowy far corner and our fearless heroine blows a cloud of dust off of the cover and says "This is it! The spell we've been looking for!!". But, really, wouldn't it be so much better if all of the books of potions (a.k.a. recipes), spells (a.k.a. poems), and magic (a.k.a. stories) were just clean and well kept on easily accessible, organized shelves where you could see them and reach them without blowing off cobwebs? This magical pear wood and goat hair Book Dusting brush keeps all of your precious volumes fresh, clean, and ready for spell deployment. 10 1/4"
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