Georg Dining Table - Untreated Oak

Article number: P-19302
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Pull up a chair (or six). This streamlined stunner is as sweetly simple and pared down as they come. Smooth-lathed round legs are drawn up under the table, minimizing both the footprint in the dining room and the games of footsie played underneath more ornate tables. While this easily comfortably seats six, the underset drawn-in legs also make it possible to fit a few more friends around. Good news for us "the more the merrier" types. LxWxH: 61" x 25 1/2" x 29"

About the line: Named for the strait of icy-clear water that runs between Denmark and her neighbors to the north-Sweden + Norway-Skagerak is a Danish design house that has been hand-crafting exquisite, long-lasting Scandinavian furniture and gorgeous, functional home goods since 1976. A certified B corp that works with Forest Stewardship Council certified woods, Skagerak makes heirloom-quality investment pieces that are meant to be used and loved.

Take Care: Crafted from raw oak, this is a living and breathing thing. Left unfinished, it will patinate quickly and naturally, absorbing spills and interacting with its environment. Saturating the wood with soap or a suitable furniture oil will make it less susceptible. As with all things, the nature of the oil or finish you choose will affect the color of the wood. If you prefer a patinated look, let it ride!

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