Gauze Cotton Swaddle - Cocoa Brown

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It is difficult to put into words the almost mystical power of a swaddle. This humble square of hand-made, double layered, exceptionally soft organic cotton gauze is essentially magic. Generously sized (at 48" x 48" it's almost a full-newborn-baby-size larger than your standard swaddle), and with an ingenious little loop along one side (which we've never seen on a swaddle), these have practically infinite uses. As a nursing cover, stroller shade, impromptu changing station, stylish scarf, hair wrap, bindle for corralling freshed-picked-peaches and/or fresh-blowout-ed pantaloons, as a tiny towel, tied across a sunny car window, used to cover your head if your boss pops by, and-of course, the holy grail- to wrap new humans up like in-utero burritos so that they may have their startles thwarted and their womb-like slumber resumed, hopefully for hour(s). Basically: these ethical, sustainably sourced swaddles are Mary Poppins meets MacGyver meets Mr. Sandman. Which is exactly the skillset needed to tackle parenthood. We recommend an arsenal of 3-6 for the grace of washing.

*ON SALE* These have a slight fading in the all-natural dye (from tenure in a sunny window). We like to think them as "pre-heirloomed", you can think of them as "on sale".

All materials in this swaddle are certified free of chemicals, meeting Oeko-Tex 100 standards.

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