French Linen Pillow Cover - 20" - Light Copper Gingham

Article number: LP-23-PILLOW-20in-129
Availability: In stock

Made in France, these 100% airy-light linens flow and drape and work and play like a dream. Softer and lighter than one might imagine possible yet shockingly sturdy, quick drying, cool wearing, and imminently washable. Effortlessly chic and infinitely long lasting, these linens are made for living well in simple luxury. The very concept is, of course, quintessentially French. At a perfectly petite, but not too petite 20" x 20" they look great on beds or couches (or swings or floors get the gist).

Take Care: A hidden envelope closure makes it easy to stuff and unstuff with the pillow of your choosing. The cover is safe to take a tumble in the washer + dryer (and, in fact, will get softer and more absorbent with age).

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