Fine Boiled Hemp + Cotton Hand Towel with Loop - 18 x 30"

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With a fine, tight weave that showcases both its exceptional sturdiness and the subtle, natural texture of the hemp fibers, these hyper-absorbent hand towels are like linen's chic older sister who spent the last year at Esalen. Hemp is a bit of a wonder fiber. It effortlessly pairs all of the magical long-lasting, hard-working, easy-to-care for benefits of linen with an ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship. Requiring no irrigation, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMO seeds, hemp is also a phytoremediation plant, restoring balance to environments by cleaning the soil, air, and water and preventing erosion. If all that weren't enough, hemp linens feel truly incredible, withstand infinite washings, and are simply staggering beautiful. 18" x 30"

Take Care: machine wash as desired, tumble dry, can withstand mild bleach, iron as needed on cotton setting (who are we kidding). Avoid using fabric softener on hemp linens used in wet/dry capacities (i.e. towels or napkins) as it can affect its absorbency.

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