Filia Danish Oil Pastel Crayons - Set of 18

Article number: P-18290
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Using an oil pastel crayon after using a regular crayon is like Dorothy walking into Oz for the first time. Behold the rich wonder and possibility! Rich, saturated, lightfast colors glide like butter onto paper (or other mediums) and can be blended, mixed, and layered ad infinitum. With a sponge and turps, it is possible to "watercolor paint", using the hard crayon as a palette base. Square (for easy gripping) with a sharp tip (for lining and shading), these also come wrapperless so the entire crayon can be used to make color. Made in Denmark and beloved by Danish schoolchildren for generations. 18 assorted colors: black, blue violet, red violet, ultramarine, dark blue, pale blue, dark green, pale green, dark brown, pale brown, vermilion, red, orange, pale orange, yellow, pale yellow, white, grey.
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