Familia Wiss Terrine - 750 Gram Jar

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Made in the heart of France since the early 1930's, classic Familia Wiss screw top canning jars are a dream for kitchen and pantry. Wiss (pronounced "Viss" in French) comes from "visser", to screw". A larder full of these easy to stack jars isn't just beautiful it's practical. Store dry ingredients, keep leftovers fresh without plastic, ditch pantry-pest-prone packaging, or, use them for their original purpose and put up a batch of peach preserves or salt cured meyer lemons. The mouths are ever-so-slightly wider than their standard American mason counterparts, making them a joy to fill and empty. If you're going to be using the jars for canning, always sterilize the jars and rims to the correct temperature specifications. For storage etc. these can go in the dishwasher after use.

Metric/Standard Wizardry: 750 Gram Jar ~ 18 oz ~ slightly smaller than a quart mason jar, comes with a 100mm Le Parfait standard bronze sealing cap and full-coverage screw on lid.

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