Enamel Soup Ladle - Large - White - 14"

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This is exactly like the one our grandmother had. "Dig deep!", she'd say, when we'd climb on the marvelous old step stool in her kitchen to serve ourselves from rich pots of brothy soup, redolent with fresh herbs and vegetables. Sigh. What a perfect thing. Like all good ladles, this one's handle bends into a graceful hook at the end to keep it from tipping into the pot and which also lets it to hang within reach from a kitchen bar near the stove. Perfect for serving, stirring, and tasting (or for dishing out frosty pink fairy cups of punch at a summer picnic, just saying).

Enamelware is metalÑnot ceramic, so don't put it in the microwave!Ñmade from steel fused with melted glass and fired at exceptionally high temperatures to achieve its signature glossy-hard finish. This process makes it easy to clean, rust-averse, safe to use in the oven, dishwasher, or freezer, and long lasting. There's a reason your grandmother still has hers. Like many centuries-old techniques, the hand-dipped coating + hand-painted details can present subtle variations in each piece. We think they're charming, and, never fear, these "imperfections" won't affect use.

Take Care: While it can withstand extreme temperatures and a host of other abuses (looking at you: camping with children) enamel's kryptonite is its vitreous coating. Don't bang it with a spoon or drop it like it's hot (even if it's hot!) or it can chip.

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