Enamel Flat Colander - 9"

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As lovers of berries and, bien sûr, all things French, this openwork flat colander is the most recent kitchen tool to give us heart eyes. Ideal for washing and serving just-picked blueberries or tomatoes, for placing over the drain to catch peelings (and effortlessly transport to compost), and for looking straight out of some Provençal farmhouse Alhambra, this has also been part of a subtle water-saving habit shift. When rinsing produce, we set this atop a bowl or pot to catch any runoff which then gets poured straight into thirsty houseplants. Every little bit helps. 9".

Enamelware is metal—not ceramic, so don't put it in the microwave!—made from steel fused with melted glass and fired at exceptionally high temperatures to achieve its signature glossy-hard finish. This process makes it easy to clean, rust-averse, safe to use in the oven, dishwasher, or freezer, and long lasting. There's a reason your grandmother still has hers. Like many centuries-old techniques, the hand-dipped coating + hand-painted details can present subtle variations in each piece. We think they're charming, and, never fear, these "imperfections" won't affect use.

Take Care: While it can withstand extreme temperatures and a host of other abuses (looking at you: camping with children) enamel's kryptonite is its vitreous coating. Don't bang it with a spoon or drop it like it's hot (even if it's hot!) or it can chip.

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