Elise Mclauchlan Hand Turned Maple Plate or Tray - Small - 5"

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A stunning hand-turned small tray from our newest woodworking womanfriend.

You likely know we have an eternal soft spot in our Foundry Family hearts for brilliant women who know that the best way to build something beautiful is to build it themselves. And you also probably know we have a deep affinity for simple, gorgeous, British homegoods. When we encountered Elise McLauchlan and the stunning, streamlined, woodenware she hand-turns in her small London studio from local woods, we instantly felt the thunderbolt. Simply finished with food-safe oils, these lovelies are as beautiful as they are useful.

Take Care: Avoid soaking the wood in water, when washing dry the wood off after. If the wood appears dry, which will happen over time, use a beeswax or natural oil to bring back its shine. Any water marks can be removed by using a light sandpaper in a circular motion and pop a bit of oil or wax on (we swear by Old Mill's All Natural Beeswax and Mineral Oil Wood Polish, available right here at The Foundry).

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