Dibbern Short Tumbler - Amber - 8 oz

Article number: P-10938
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A perfect balance of substantial (their pleasantly weighted bases) and light (oh-so-slender walls), these mouth-blown, hand-cut glasses are a pleasure to cheers, everyday. Individually hand-made in Europe, we particularly love how the intensity of the palette increases with the glass' thickness but remains crystalline and transparent. While these tumblers are like a cross between a stemless wine glass and a stemless champagne flute (and perfectly suited to either application) we love them for cocktails. The hefty rounded base is also sturdy enough that if you lightly knock into it they might wobble but don't fall down. Ideal for gesticulations during post-dinner-party story hour around the table. Holds 1/4 liter/~8 oz.

Take Care: These weighty glasses are *technically* dishwasher safe up to 95 degrees, but knowing our own houseguest's overeager machine loading methods, we recommend hand-washing to make sure rims remain chipless and guests remain guiltless.

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