Dibbern Rotondo Optic Glass - Grey

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A perfect balance of substantial (their pleasantly weighted bases) and light (oh-so-slender walls), these mouth-blown, hand-cut glasses are a pleasure to cheers, everyday. Individually hand-made in Europe, The Rotondo glass' streamlined, modern silhouette is paired with a timeless finishing technique—the subtle, watery optical effect was pioneered thousands of years ago in ancient Rome, nbd—and the smoky grey is a fresh take on a clear tumbler. We particularly love how the palette's intensity increases with its thickness but remains crystalline and transparent. Quite posh.

Take Care: These weighty glasses are *technically* dishwasher safe up to 95 degrees, but knowing our own houseguest's overeager machine loading methods, we recommend hand-washing to make sure rims remain chipless and guests remain guiltless.

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