Danish Oak Magnetic Knife Hanging Strip - 11"

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You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat their knives. The kind of person who keeps their knives deliciously sharp and effortlessly to hand with an ingenious oak-clad, wall-mounted knife strip? We'd like to have that kind of person make us dinner any time (and we bet they'll be more than happy to oblige). Hand-crafted in Denmark from Forest Stewardship Council certified woods, a super-strong magnet runs the length of this easy-to-mount hanger, keeping your whole collection of honed friends safe, secure, off the counter, out of the drawer tangle, and imminently reachable. For size reference, ours comfortably holds: an 8" chef, an 10" carver, a long serrated, a Shun Sora utility knife, two paring knives, a honing steel, and a hinged corkscrew (because that's equally important to keep within reach). You do you.
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