Danish Carved Horn Butter Spreader

Article number: HVF-50140
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There's nothing better than hot buttered toast. Unless, of course, it's hot buttered toast spread with this sleek, supple, and seriously strong horn butter spreader. With its delicate curves and all-natural horn luster, it is simply glorious. 6" long.

Each of these exquisite horn pieces is hand selected, sanded, molded, smoothed, cut, and shaped in a tiny workshop in Bøvlingbjerg, Denmark. The raw African horn is then polished to highlight the material's coloration and individual beauty. Each piece is unique. And not to toot our own, um, horn, but these are also the perfect all-natural sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastics.

Hand wash and dry using warm (not hot) water and these horn lovelies will last for a good long while. After all, humans have been making objects of use and beauty from horn for literally thousands of years (and they didn't put them in the dishwasher).

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