Crane Tri Ply Stainless Frying Pan

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Soft geometry converges with straight lines, uplifting angles, and a fine satin brushed finish. This is not your average steel pot. This is not even an above-average steel pot. This, dear ones, is the new gold standard for steel pots by which every subsequent pot will be judged. No one will be calling this (or the kettle) black, but they will be calling it "darling pot of my heart". Designed in partnership with London-based industrial designer Felix de Pass and manufactured in England, these diesel-yet-lightweight induction-specialized performance pots use progressive 3.0mm steel/aluminum/steel compound layering (the "tri ply" in the name). Aluminum core sandwiched between layers of premium quality 18/10 stainless. Oven safe and suitable for use with all burners including induction. The tri-ply continues throughout the whole body (not just the base like some other pans), ensuring even, impeccable heating from base to rim. Die-cast stainless steel handles are rivet-attached with ergonomic attention to weight distribution and all-around pouring rims make these a joy to use and serve. ~11 1/2" Diameter, ~1 3/4" Deep, Volume: 2.3L / 2.5QT / 1.2 kg

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