Cotton Mesh Delicates Laundry Bag: Large- 14" x 17"

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We've sworn by laundry bags for decades. It is the simplest trick to keep straps and elastics from getting stretched and mangled and can also be used to minimize agitation (we have one friend who uses one exclusively for washing his favorite old t-shirt because, man, that thing is precious!). A laundry bag prolongs the life cycle of your beloveds (and don't just think unmentionables: these are also great for minimizing mask hang-ups in the never-ending pandemic laundry cycle). Unlike every laundry bag we've ever encountered, this one is one is 100% cotton and closes with ingeniously simple metal snaps instead of an unwieldy zipper. Lovingly handmade in the USA in North Carolina. 14" x 17"

Take Care: Using a laundry bag is pretty simple: put items you want cleaned in there, close it up and wash as usual. This one is suitable for popping in the dryer as well, though, to be fair, if your thing needs protecting in the machine perhaps it's best to give it a break and hang it to dry? Ask your mother.

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