Nonna Organic Milk Chocolate with Ginger

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Every Nonna worth her sal e pepe knows that the best food comes from combining the freshest, best ingredients with the highest quality kitchen staples. While we have to hold our horses for sun-warmed August roma tomatoes, these cucina-tested Italian pantry necessaries are the perfect year-round zuzz for dolce vita aspirants at aperitivo hour.

About Quality of Life

Why not look at chocolate from a different perspective? Cocoa is a fantastic raw material and the traditional cold working process of Modica preserves all its exceptional beneficial properties. Sabadi defined 6 elements (Italian style) that bring "Quality of Life" and developed this line of incomparable, and surprisingly healthy, chocolates. In fact, they are so healthy that these chocolates are now being sold in pharmacies in Italy! Buy the set and give the gift of Quality of Life!

About Sabadi Chocolate

Sabadi is located in Sicily, a beautiful and exciting land, rich in light and contrast, where you can still savor the slow passing of time and afford the luxury of cultivating great passions.

To make their chocolate, Sabadi selected an extraordinary cocoa in Ecuador: the Nacional fino de aroma Arriba Superior Summer Selected, the best selection on the market. It is a very aromatic cacao, with distinct floral notes and hints of banana. Producers grow the cocoa in mixed crops, surrounded by trees which provide shade; therefore they require less water and less intensive use of fertilizers. Nacional is a Slow Food presidium and is provided by Fair Trade producers. They use only naturally produced cane sugar without the use of bleaching chemicals, with different degrees of refining. It comes from fair trade producers in Costa Rica and the Philippines where environmental protection and tropical forest conservation are of great importance.

About Modica chocolate

Sabadi chocolate is traditionally made according to the age-old Modica cold working process. Throughout the process the temperature never exceeds 45 degrees Celsius. In this way, all the cocoa’s unique and aromatic notes and the ingredients’ beneficial properties are fully preserved. The texture is unique, pleasantly crunchy.

Net weight: 50 g/1.76 oz

Ingredients: cocoa mass 53%-origin: Ecuador-variety: Nacional Fino de Aroma, cane sugar, milk powder, cocoa butter, ginger 0.8%

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