Compost City: Practical Composting Know-How for Small-Space Living by Rebecca Louie

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The concept of compost is imminently appealing: take your old banana peels, cantaloupe rinds, and coffee grounds out of the waste cycle and turn them into black gold for the garden!? SIGN US UP! With a focus on small-space living and urban environments, this slender, thoughtfully illustrated, fact-packed tome has everything you need to know about how to compost effectively AND demystifies and debunks some common misconceptions: no, you don't need a ton of space. no, you won't get creepy crawlies. no, it doesn't stink. yes, you can do it on a small scale. Funny and lovely, this is the perfect thing for people starting their composting journeys (or to convince a hesitant family member that this is, indeed, the way to go). Two green thumbs up!

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