Children's Indoor Broom - Coconut Bristles - Large - 36"

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This broom is so much more than totally adorable. We find that given half a chance-and the right tools for the job-our littlest helpers can be (shockingly, amazingly, brilliantly, legitimately) extremely helpful. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail from smooth-lathed raw beechwood and sustainable coconut fibre bristles in the same manner as its adult-sized counterpart, this shorty push broom makes quick work of tracked-in-leaves, fireplace brouhaha, or any other multitude of messes. The stiff, sustainable palm bristles are perfectly suited to withstanding the, um, rigors of broom-learning, allowing little ones to work out their preferred sweeping techniques for themselves. Self-sufficiency, less messes, cleaning camaraderie, and utter adorableness? Sign us up. And, hey, when you see how this tackles hand-broom sized messes without bending down, you might just keep one in the corner for yourself. 36"

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