German Goat Hair Book Dusting Brush

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Does pulling your favorite book off your bookshelf make you feel like Indiana Jones uncovering some lost spiderweb-and-dust-bound artifact? If you're anything like us, your favorite volumes are just sitting there gathering dust. With its super-soft goat hair bristles and sleek, sustainable oiled pearwood handle, this long and slender brush is custom made for cleaning your favorite volumes as they sit on the shelf. That way, the next time you're looking to confirm the way to the holy grail, you can just grab your bullwhip and go.

Take Care: With a bit of easy maintenance, this brush can last for years. Clean the bristles with plain water or the soap of your choosing, shake out excess water, and allow brush to dry with the bristles down. Occasionally oil the wood with your preferred wood conditioner (we swear by Old Mill's All Natural Beeswax and Mineral Oil Wood Polish, available right here at The Foundry), being sure to allow enough time for the wood to absorb the oil before its next use.

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