Brass Quatrefoil Candle Sconce - 12.5 x 14"

Article number: P-17052
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Just when we thought beeswax candlelight couldn't get more flattering, classic, or romantic, enter: a glorious wall-mounted candle sconce! Four simple folds embrace a candle's flame with a refracted golden glow, casting shadows from the petals of an iconic quatrefoil shape. The reflector is fashioned from a single piece of gorgeous, substantially hefty, brass-plated steel, mounted with a streamlined sconce and bobeche on a short arm. A simple mounting on the back just slips over a screw for easy mounting. 12 1/2" x 14"

While this sconce is designed to fit tapered-base tapers, but we've found that our standard-base beeswax candles also fit if you hold the bottom end in your hand for a bit to warm the beeswax before inserting it into the sconce base. We love one of these solo in a bathroom or in pairs wherever you see fit. Bring on the flicker-lit baths and endless candlelit dinner parties!

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