Futagami Brass Bottle Opener - Eclipse

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This pleasingly hefty brass bottle opener is like what happens with your standard churchkey makes a pilgrimage to the Stone and Sand Garden at Ryoanji. Graceful, orbital loops coincide at the exact right placement to open a beer. The totality has arrived!

About the line: Founded in 1897, Futagami began producing beautiful brass altar fittings for Japanese Buddhist monasteries and the zen tradition continues today. Hand smelted, poured, finished, filed, and polished in the Toyama prefecture, these exceptionally elegant brass pieces are a pleasure to hold and use. The labor-intensive process, which includes molding into layers of fine-silted earth, is designed to highlight the distinctive "ihada" finish, a subtly rough surface texture that brilliantly plays up the brass' natural tendency towards use-based patina. Use these, love them, and watch them get better with age.

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