The closest thing to hugging a sheep

The closest thing to hugging a sheep

Made out on the windswept western tip of Prince Edward Island in Nova Scotia by people who know a thing or two about keeping the chill out, MacAusland Wool Blankets are absolutely the coziest, fluffiest, softest, prettiest, woolliest, and warmest woolen blankets around.

Elga, Dale, and their team of 11 Canadian humans lovingly craft each piece, taking it from raw sheared virgin wool to finished dream blanket in their 85 year old factory. Their operation is so small we hand pick our colors every summer for winter production. Since their virgin Atlantic coast wool is so richly colored right off the sheep, we mostly choose from their glorious array of all natural undyed wools. There are other heritage mills making beautiful blankets, but the touch, feel, quality, and value of McAusland makes it our hands down favorite. Snuggle up with a pup and we're pretty sure you'll agree.


We have Queens and throw sized Lap Blankets in the shop right now. Detective is staking his claim over a queen here... 

Queen Blanket


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