Hey There, Valentine

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Hey There, Valentine

Need a little inspiration from our resident cupids?

Valentine's Day makes all kinds of people feel all kinds of ways, but we've always had a not-so-secret fondness for this most romaaaantic of holidays. Perhaps it's because we have a bit of a sentimental streak or because we're in love with love, or maybe it's just that we'll take any possible opportunity to shower the people we love with beeswax and fresh flowers.


Whatever it is, we know that we all have people in our lives whose kindness + strength, passion + intention, whose friendship + courage...whose love deserves to be acknowledged and honored. Valentine's Day is a golden opportunity to do just that. And while true words (written or spoken), meals shared, or just the gift of time spent together are all lovely, honest ways to celebrate, we gotta say, any of these little tokens would be prettttty much the icing on the cake. Go forth and love, dear ones.


For the one with their finger on the pulse: A Stylist’s Guide to Minneapolis + St. Paul is like Jordan Catalano's secret diary (you know, if he could read). This slim, pink, "capricious, biased, very personal annotated list" is like the ultimate cool-kid's guide to what makes our cities so darn great. Perfect for lazy Sunday reading and/or dream date planning dossier. *full disclosure* we might be biased (because we're in it!)


For the one with feathers in their pocket: Seashells and stones, birds nests and bones, rocks, minerals, and the occasional giant (hopefully vacant) hornet's nest. If your naturalist-lover can't take a stroll without bringing something back from the great wild yonder, indulge their passion for finding finds. A basket for collecting, a glass cloche for displaying, and a creamy blank notebook for taking notes in the field.


For the one who takes such good care of others: Wooden Spoon Herbs Oxymels are just the ticket to remind them that they also deserve to take good care of themselves. While every one of this small-batch Appalachian apothecary's tinctures, remedies, and teas are amazing, Wooden Spoon's healing Oxymels (an ancient herbal tonic from the Latin oxy meaning "acid" and mel for honey) are pure magic. Decocted in a delicately bracing vinegar, they are tip-top when added to plain hot water or tea (and we won't judge if you add a little dollop of whiskey in there for a true mountain remedy).


For the one who'll draw you like one of their French girls:gilt-edged drawing board, pencils, and a Japanese pencil-sharpening knife shaped like a whale. There is definitely room on the door for both of you.


For the one who needs a place to put their Oxymel (or tea/coffee/cocoa/hot toddy): Can a mug be sexy? If so this is one damn sexy mug. Luminous, perfectly proportioned, curves that fit—just so—in the hand and against the lips, naturally gorgeous (the impeccable soft white is just the porcelain clay itself, finished with a subtle clear gaze), and effortlessly elegant, this ups the ante on your loved one's daily ritual. Pairs perfectly with an elevated tea and some sweet local honey.


For the one who spends hours in the bath: Swedish Bath Brush/Luxe Washcloth/Fancy Soap/Body Balm. Upgrade any/all of the little lovely necessaries that make spending time alone in the bath so wonderful and, who knows, there might just magically be room for two in there.


For the one who just loves Valentine's Day: Candles and Flowers? Classic. Update the trope (and make it last all year) by popping a tiny bouquet of posies into Henry Dean's mouth-blown Belgian glass Clovis vessels or making that candlelight tableaux in their Mary votive holders.


For the one who appreciates the grand gesture: What are you thinking... Scavenger hunt? Pop-up picnic? Singing telegram? Showing up at their apartment with a boombox over your head with two chocolate labs pulling a wagon full of brown-paper-wrapped-goodies? If you can dream it up, we can do it. If you've got a romantic scheme in mind and you need an inspired cupid (or just some special delivery dogs) shoot us an email, give us a call (612.333.8484), or just pop in and we can put our heads together. We love to be part of your big plans.


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