Here Comes The Neighborhood...

Here Comes The Neighborhood...

It's here! The week where we're finally packing up all of our beeswax and glassware and brushes and dog paraphernalia (leashes + bowls, sure, but also cupid wings, farmer hats, and halos, because, duh) and moving to our new forever home. GAH! We are so excited we *almost* can't even stand it.


Starting February 9th, 2018, you can find us here:

322 West 48th Street
(48th and Grand)
Minneapolis, MN


Of course we're thrilled about our new spot's golden southern exposure, charming old architectural details, acres of original hardwood floor, and (ahem) ample parking, but we're also totally stoked on our new neighborhood and, of course, our new neighbors. While many of our Foundry Friends + Family call South Minneapolis home, some of you have been asking "what's it like down there?". In a word: it's awesome.


We're just getting our bearings in our new 'hood, but luckily some of our dear old favorite places are within spitting distance of our new digs:


St. Genevieve: This classic French buvette is the perfect place for cozying up with a glass of champagne (or three). They recently even lent us their champagne saber because that's what friends are for.


Mille: Everything in this perfectly stocked, swoon-worthy women's shop is feels like Jane-Birkin-effortless-vacation-in-the-South-of-France-even-if-it's-just-Wednesday which, of course, is how we all want to feel all the time.


Five Watt: When coffee dreams, it dreams of Five Watt. Just like they say: "Our South Minneapolis shop features a rent-by-the-hour unicorn stable, and an award winning menu complete with cocktail bitters, unique simple syrups, and high fives.". The dream.


Sugar Sugar: Many of you tell us that when you come into The Foundry you're like "kids in a candy store". At Sugar Sugar (a legit amazing candy store) we know exactly how you feel. Sea Salt Caramels. Always and forever.


Grand Cafe: This 70-year-old neighborhood gem just got a very fresh (and exquisitely pink) makeover. Killer menu, delicious cocktails, giant rose gold rimmed champagne coupes...what's not to love? Badass lady chef Jamie Malone also loves dogs (Ruby + Turnip, table for deux).


Whitney Book & Print Store: The first thing you notice about this wonderful antiquarian book + map store is *that smell*. You know the one. That warm, sweet, bookish smell that conjures up long afternoons spent, surrounded by tiny motes, in a patch of sun. Every neighborhood deserves a charming, local bookstore like this and, luckily for us, we have one. We've already spent hours chatting with proprietor Kathleen about our shared love of Victorian ephemera and the killer cover design of first editions of "Leaves of Grass". Swoon.


Tangletown Gardens: An absolutely heavenly boutique farm + garden center for all of our lemon-tree-in-the-window fantasies. They have a CSA and their farmer-owned restaurant, Wise Acre, is right across the street.


Patisserie 46: The best macarons in Minneapolis. There. We said it.


In addition to all of the places we already know (and love) we can't wait to get to know our closest neighbors (homemade tortillas catty-corner at La Fresca, Ethique Nouveau—where all all purchases help fund animal advocacy programs—around the corner, pay-what-you-can Acupuncture up the block, a holistic spa right across the street). You could spend forever exploring and, in fact, we plan to.


What are we missing? If you know any must scope/see/eat/sip places near our new spot (pretty please) send 'em our way!



  1. Aaisha Aaisha

    So excited for you guys! And for me since you are now 3-5 minutes from my house. Yeay! A few other neighborhood loves - Sun Street Bread for fresh bread and pastries, Low Brow for burgers, Vicinity coffee for coffee, Chez Bloom for flowers, and Odds and Ends for just awesome second hand finds. There's a bunch more that I can't remember but that's a start :)

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