What to give...the parentals

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What to give...the parentals

They taught you how to drive stick shift, how to divide bulbs, how to wire a stereo, how to bake a cake, how to throw a party, how to love yourself, how to appreciate the way the sun hits the light on the lake just. so., how to build a fire, and how to put one out, how to make a home, and how to fill it with love. They taught you the power of a good book, a kind word, a warm cookie, or a stern warning—and the appropriate time for applying each one. They taught you everything. Except...what to get them for a dang present.


We know from personal experience that the ones we love the most are often the hardest to shop for (after years of getting him books about Lewis & Clark et al. we were shocked, simply shocked to discover that the true heart's desire of one Foundry Father was a humble loofah pouch for soap remnants, go figure!). Don't worry, dear ones, we've got just the thing for your mamas and papas (and mother-figures and father-figures).


Want to dive in to parental inspiration? We've got loads of bright ideas.



For the one who's always asking when you're coming for a visit: A beautiful Danish calendar (perhaps with a few potential dates circled on it).



For the one who rules the kitchen (and hates looking at recipes on their phone): An ingenious wooden book stand and a spiffy new cookbook to put in it. 



For the one who taught you to love your precious body: A luscious bath and body oil, a soothing, restorative facial treatment, a delicious scrubby brush (short or long), and what-just-might-be-the-world's-perfect-towel to come right back atchya with the indulgent self-care.



For the one who taught you that bringing dirty dishes to the sink and just setting them in there isn't enough: A collection of fresh, new kitchen brushes (and a promise that you'll do the dishes next time they cook).



For the one who taught you how to fold a fitted sheet: a new luxe set of their own to upgrade those tired old flannels.



For the one who taught you to garden: A beautiful vessel for cut flowers (that works equally as well as a votive holder if they didn't get around to pruning this year).



For the one who taught you not to run with scissors: A stunning pair of new shears.


For all of our gifts for fabulous forbears, check out the full guide.




  1. Lillian Egner Lillian Egner

    Hi! The horsehair is cut directly from the animal and then goes through a multi step process to clean and condition the hair. The horses don't get haircuts very often. Think about how sheep are usually only sheered once a year. More info about how the brushes are made right here: https://www.thefoundryhomegoods.com/blogs/journal/a-peek-inside-the-iris-hantverk-workshop/

  2. Shelly Thomas Shelly Thomas

    Hi! Quick question about your horsehair brush products. Do you know how the hair is sourced? Thank you!

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