Under $50 Smackers

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Under $50 Smackers

A wise woman once told us: when you have Champagne wishes on a Prosecco budget that doesn't mean that you should skip the sparkles. We've put together a few of our favorite perfect small (and not-so-small) gifts under $50 to make the heart swell without breaking the bank.


While all of these little lovelies are (more than) adequate on their own, we also find that a little Foundry Magic can go a long way towards making a thoughtful, homemade gift feel like something really special.


For instance:


A loaf of homemade bread, wrapped up in a sweet linen bento bag.


A log of house-rolled compound butter, with a Japanese Mulberry Butter Knife for spreading.


A simple, lovely calendar (and the promise to get together more).


A sweet little mouth-blown vase filled with a just-picked bouquet of whatever's sweet in the garden.


A batch of cookies tied up in an airy cotton towel.


An Italian letter opener (and the promise to write more often).


Literally anything (including lunch, but we're also suckers for Chex Mix... just us??) delivered in a cotton canvas lunch bag.


Want more ideas? Check out the rest of our nifty gifties under $50 (*groan!*)


P.S. We don't care how small the gift is, we would LOVE to wrap it for you! Ribbon on top and everything!



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