Belgian Porcelain Medium Vase - White - 5" x 4"

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This creamy, dreamy, pure white luminous Belgian porcelain *looks* like a beautiful delicate flower, but is ACTUALLY strong + durable enough to be loved + used every darn day. Handmade in Germany using centuries old porcelain firing techniques, this sleek + streamlined full-glaze vase is quickly becoming one of our daily faves. In addition to being a sweet friend for impromptu centerpieces and windowsill arrangements, this simple, narrow, straight-sided vase can be used as a cup or tumbler. With its subtle graduated base, it's also designed to stack interchangeably with its fellow vases or (when paired with matching pals of corresponding sizes) for storing or serving. For reference, these stack with the Belgian Porcelain Medium Dish, Belgian Porcelain Tall Vase, and the Belgian Porcelain Squat Vase.

Take Care: Who said porcelain was fussy? These diamond-hard pieces are good to go in the microwave, fridge, or dishwasher.

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