Belgian Porcelain Large Dish - White - 4 1/2"

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This creamy, dreamy, pure white luminous Belgian porcelain *looks* like a beautiful delicate flower, but is ACTUALLY strong + durable enough to be loved + used every darn day. As aficionados of "infinite tiny plates", these 4 1/2" lovelies are a dream for pint sized portions of dessert, dipping sauces, or mise en place. Handmade in Germany using centuries old porcelain firing techniques, this sleek + streamlined full-glaze dish is quickly becoming our daily go-to. With their subtle graduated base, they're also designed to stack interchangeably either over (as a lid) or under (as a trivet) their fellow dishes or matching Belgian Porcelain Bowl - Small. Ingenious for storing, serving, and enjoying.

Take Care: Who said porcelain was fussy? These diamond-hard dishes are good to go in the microwave, fridge, or dishwasher.

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