Belgian Linen Fouta Throw - Mustard Stripe - 43 x 71"

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The iconic soft, sturdy, ultra-absorbent, quick-drying, toss-'em-in-the-wash, dare-we-say-beautiful "Fouta" towel meets the centuries old Belgian linen tradition. To say that these supple linens are well-suited for the the bath is an understatement. And, while we love them in the bath-zone, they do so much more. With a tiny folded footprint and infinite applications: picnic blanket, pareo, shade sail, babe toga, sarong, headscarf, shawl, privacy screen, blanket, a modest layer for an impromptu temple visit-you name it, these do it. Perfect for whenever the wanderlust strikes, at home or abroad.

About the line: Made in a small Belgian town in the rich, flat, ancient flaxlands of Flanders, (where classic linenware has been made in the same place for five generations). These linens are 100% Belgian, from grain to garment, woven by specially trained craftsmen in a certified carbon neutral factory. Seriously strong and soft, washable and durable, super absorbent, and utterly beautiful, these linens are an absolute dream. Made to use and built to last. Don't just take our word for it. Go ahead, touch, feel, and see for yourself.

Take Care: These linens are safe to take a tumble in the washer + dryer (and, in fact, will get softer and more absorbent with age). We recommend skipping the fabric softener as it can cause them to lose their absorbency. The more you know.

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