bathingyoga Hot Process Soap Cube

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This luscious and pure all-purpose hot process soap bar is hand-crafted in the traditional way, where the soap is boiled, cured, then salted out to remove the water, a two to three day process which results in a luxe and refined soap, free from impurities. Although laborious in nature, this method creates a harder, longer lasting bar that can be used to cleanse your body-and your home. Fragrance free. 4 oz.

Ingredients: Organic extra virgin coconut oil, sodium hydroxide*, distilled water *no lye remains after saponification

About The Line: bathingyoga was birthed out of the desire to create spiritual cleansing experiences inspired by traditional herbalism and ancestral practices. Cleansing is a daily act that deepens our connection with our highest self. Whether it is soaking in bathing tea or handwashing the dishes with hot process soap, there exists a meditative element which has the power to transform our minds and bodies. Stormy, the founder of bathingyoga, makes the hot process all-purpose soap following traditional labor-intensive methods of salting out and hand-rolls her plant-based ritual prosperity and ceremonial incenses with a natural Japanese evergreen binding agent. All of the offerings are formulated by Stormy and lovingly crafted in small batches with natural, Earth-friendly ingredients.

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