bathingyoga Ceremony Palo Santo Single Cone

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Cleanse your space and put your mind at ease with all-natural, hand-rolled incense. Each Ceremony Cone is handmade with ethically sourced palo santo, organic wood betony, makko powder (a natural binding agent from Japanese evergreen trees), and water from natural Minnesota waterways.

Balsam, earthy aroma with a clean burn.

To Use: To Use: light the tip, blow out the flame, and place on a fire-safe dish where it will burn through.

About The Line: bathingyoga was birthed out of the desire to create spiritual cleansing experiences inspired by traditional herbalism and ancestral practices. Cleansing is a daily act that deepens our connection with our highest self. Whether it is soaking in bathing tea or handwashing the dishes with hot process soap, there exists a meditative element which has the power to transform our minds and bodies. Stormy, the founder of bathingyoga, makes the hot process all-purpose soap following traditional labor-intensive methods of salting out and hand-rolls her plant-based ritual prosperity and ceremonial incenses with a natural Japanese evergreen binding agent. All of the offerings are formulated by Stormy and lovingly crafted in small batches with natural, Earth-friendly ingredients.

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